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This was for an article about a young woman who was unhappy with how her travel romances have turned out using Tinder. She described an earlier experience where she met someone organically as being a better fit, rather than just meeting people based on profile photos.

What’s shown here was an earlier draft of the final.

I did an illustration for today’s Op-Ed remembering the anniversary of D-Day. For the article, they used accounts of four soldiers from different countries.

When AD Matt Dorfman asked for sketches, he suggested that I play around with the page composition. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough room to use any of them, but it was an interesting challenge.

A piece for last Sunday’s NYT Book Review. The review was for Susanna Kaysen’s new novel “Cambridge”, about a sullen, angst-ridden 9 year-old growing up in the 50’s. 

I don’t have a photo of the actual piece, but the the water from the glass was suppose to spill on to the article’s type. AD: Nicolas Blechman

My cover for the new paperback release of the classic UK children’s book, “Carrie’s War”  by Nina Bawden.

When I was approached to work on it, the editors had a pretty clear idea of what they wanted the cover image to be, which was Carrie seeing the bombing of London during WWII. 

There were quite a few changes over the course of designing it. It went through several different color options and minor tweaks to work around the cover design elements. The man’s leg that was in the foreground got cut right at the end. 

It was great working with AD/designer Tom Sanderson, who did an awesome job with the title design!

I’m selling prints now! Check out my page on the Inprnt site.

I’m selling prints now! Check out my page on the Inprnt site.