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Back in 2009, I was asked by Random House UK to illustrate the covers for 7 John Cheever novels. These were the first book covers I’d worked on and a huge opportunity for me at the time. Those 7 books encompassed all of Cheever’s major works with the exception of “Falconer”.

5 years later, I finally got to finish the set!

There were a lot of changes over the course of the design, which started with an entirely different concept. I actually liked this more than the original concept and it fits in well with the others in the series.

A new illustration for 4 Season Magazine. AD Jody Mustain.

I recently did these postcard designs for a Mr Porter event in St. Tropez, as part of a gift bag promo.

These are completely digital except for a few textures. I’m still trying to bridge that gulf between how I approach traditional media and digital, but I think these came closer than any of the project’s I’ve worked on.

Another piece for this Sunday’s NYT “Future Tense” column. The article was about how anonymity and the lack of repercussions cause us to be more outspoken and often more antagonistic when we’re commenting or posting online. 

The image size for this column is a little weird, but it’s always an interesting challenge to squeeze everything into that long format.

This was for an article about a young woman who was unhappy with how her travel romances have turned out using Tinder. She described an earlier experience where she met someone organically as being a better fit, rather than just meeting people based on profile photos.

What’s shown here was an earlier draft of the final.